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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Group Bookings

What are the benefits of booking a group ?

1) Competitive pricing unique to group bookers. 

2) No booking fees. 

3) Reserve now, pay later.

4) Dedicated group services. 

How do I purchase group tickets?

1) Complete our enquiry form online

2) Email us at

3) Call us at 02 9037 6563 between 9am to 5pm AEDT. 

Is there an advantage to placing my group order early?

Booking early allows your group the highest availability with the best seating options.

Any hot tips on getting the best seating and prices for groups?

For best availability and prices, consider requesting the Dress Circle or attending on a weeknight.

What is the minimum requirement to purchase group tickets?

The number of tickets to qualify as group vary depending on events. Generally between 8 to 10 tickets. The minimum number of tickets to qualify as group bookings is indicated on the individual event pages on this site.

Reservations and Payments

How can I pay for my group?

We accept payment via credit cards and EFT. We only accept one buyer per order.

Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex

Can I split my payment?

Generally, we do NOT allow split payments and are only able to accept ONE payment per group order. The exception is for LUZIA by Cirque Du Soleil as you will be able to redeem Cirque Du Soleil credits for your purchase and use multiple payment methods. 

Can I reserve tickets?

Reservations are generally held for group orders up to 8 weeks prior to the event date. Some events will require a non-refundable deposit to be able to reserve group tickets. Please check with us as this varies depending on events.

Can I buy a full theatre or performance for my group?

Of course! Contact us through your preferred method. 

Ticket Fulfilment

Once my order is confirmed, how will I receive my tickets?

Tickets will be sent to you via electronic tickets. You need to print the tickets to gain entry.

I have not received the tickets?

Please contact us.


Will my group be sitting together?

Most of the time, we are able to seat all the group members together or in close proximity to one another. If the show is heavily booked, your group may have to be split up slightly across a couple of rows.

When should I plan to arrive at the event?

Venues generally open for seating 30 minutes prior to event time. There may be a wait to enter the venue, due to security. Give your group plenty of time to get to the theatre and find their seats. We generally recommend arriving 30-45 minutes prior to event time.

School Bookings

Do accompanying teachers get any free tickets with school groups?

Some shows offer complimentary tickets for accompanying teachers with a minimum purchase. Please refer to the event page to see if the show offers complimentary tickets.

Is there a study guide available for teachers or group leaders?

Varies depending on the event. Feel free to contact us.

What should I discuss with my students before attending a show?

Theatre is a shared experience between actors and audience, so authentic responses like laughing, cheering and clapping are welcomed. However, if students are making noises intended to distract actors or audience members, ushers may ask them to leave. It may be helpful to remind all students of the following:

1) Turn off mobile phones inside the theatre. 
2) Photography and video recording is prohibited during the performance. 
3) Food and drinks are not permitted inside the theatre, but you can bring a plastic water bottle inside. 
4) Listening to music with headphones is distracting to the actors and other audience members. 

Where can I find risk assessment guidelines for schools?

Varies depending on the venue. Feel free to contact us.

Can students bring school bags to the theatre?

Please check with the venue. In most instances, we would advise NOT to bring school bags/backpacks to the theatre, as they are not permitted inside the auditorium. Storage for school bags is NOT available at most venues. 

Accessibility Bookings

What if members of my group have trouble walking or have mobility issues?

If someone in your group cannot easily use stairs, consider placing an order for the stalls section—usually on the ground floor. Call us if you have questions about a specific venue.

What if I have a special seating request?

Seating requests can be added to the notes when you place your order. We will work with the box office to accommodate you when possible.

If your question wasn't answered above, please submit an enquiry to or call 02 9037 6563

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